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Tinonee school laptop policy


Equipment used within the classroom is fragile and needs to be maintained for future use.

  Aims of the Program to ensure that:

  • The classroom environment is conducive to learning.
  • The program has continuity.
  • The equipment is safe and secure in the classroom environment.
  • Each child has equal opportunity to participate, engage and contribute to the lessons.
  • Class procedures are known and maintained.


  • No movement with the laptop whilst the lid is open.
  • All students must log off and shut down at the end of the session.
  • Work should be saved to the student's file on the school network. No work is to be saved to desktop or hard drive.
  • No USB devices to be used. Information to be transferred by self e-mailing to DET account.
  • Children should only be accessing the relevant websites to the work being completed.
  • Ipod, Ipad and non-school internet capable devices should not be brought to school and connected to the network without teacher approval.
  • Maintenance of the computer number is essential to manage service.
    • All issues registered with Mrs Elliott or Mr Sherrard (computer coordinators).
  • Establish teacher-editing rights in student folders (for marking purposes).