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Tinonee internet policy


To provide for the safe management and effective use of school's internet connection.


  • To improve student learning outcomes in purposeful, curriculum specific contexts.
  • To access appropriate information available on the Internet.
  • To enhance the ability of teachers to communicate electronically with other Internet users.


  • The safety and privacy of students, staff and other Internet users must be respected. Each class should have a user name and password. Any student who accesses inappropriate material must immediately notify a supervising teacher and shut the screen down.
  • A code of conduct applies to all students using the Internet. Students have equal access to the Internet when completing assigned work.
  • An Internet contact person is the Assistant Principal and or Principal.
  • Only virus free software should be used.
  • Normal copyright restrictions must be observed on the Internet.
  • Follow Department Internet use policy.


  • This policy has been written in conjunction with the school parent body.
  • This policy should be reviewed every three years.